Development Details

The Waterways of Klamath Falls, Oregon have a rich and productive history in timber, ranching and farming. Today, a new opportunity blooms along the sunny shores of Lake Ewauna—TimberMill Shores, a 50 acre mixed-use development with lots for sale and development.

Not your average development opportunity TimberMill Shores is a once in a lifetime opportunity to forever change Klamath Falls and the surrounding region that serves it. Beyond the typical development offerings found elsewhere, TimberMill Shores is truly unique and an unparalleled investment opportunity.

Mixed-Use developments capitalize on the “Live-Work-Play” environment and TimberMill Shores is no exception with its pedestrian -friendly integration of retail, office, residential, hotel, recreation and other functions. Developers have remarkable flexibility with this zoning. Mixed-used fosters the vision and ideas to capture a “Live-Work-Play” environment with many amenities and an integrated architectural expression.

Dedicated Greenbelt The public walkways encircling Lake Ewauna will include amenities such as bicycle and pedestrian paths stretching for miles, highlighted with benches and works of art. This greenbelt, along with pedestrian plazas and parks, will invite residents and visitors to stop and shop while enjoying incredible lake and mountain views. The TimberMill Shores walkway will connect to historic Veteran’s Park and the Lake Ewauna Trail. This is part of a future trail system that will extend around the shores of Upper Klamath Lake, continuing to the western end of the OC&E Trail, then connecting with the Lake Ewauna Trail to complete a circle including the Link River and Moore Park Trails.