Best Time to Invest in Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls has steadily welcomed a diversification of industries and is undergoing an expansion of some of its most prized job-generating entities. This population growth and diversification of professions will require housing and amenities that aren’t currently abundant in Klamath Falls such aswaterfront apartments and condominiums located by restaurants and recreation.

Oregon Tech is a Hot Bed of Renewables: Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) expects to increase enrollment by approximately 2,000 students over the next 10 years. Oregon Tech boasts a 90 percent graduate success rate, and is ranked 38th out of 1,058 universities for graduates’ average starting salaries. In addition to sought-after engineering and medical imaging degrees, Oregon Tech offers bachelor degrees in renewable energy and houses the Geo-Heat Center, a national resource for geothermal development. Oregon Tech conducts research on a variety of renewables including solar, wind, biomass and geo-heat. OIT’s Klamath Falls campus is the only geothermally heated university campus in the U.S.

Increase in Health Care Professionals in 2013 Oregon Health & Science University chose Klamath Falls for a new satellite campus, which in 2014 will become the central base of operations for OHSU’s rapidly expanding rural medicine program. OHSU already has a notable presence in KlamathFalls through partnerships with Oregon Tech for Nursing and Sky Lakes for resident physicians, but the OHSU Rural Campus will house a dean, faculty and administrative staff, and will include a full spectrum of medical professions.

The Air National Guard is home to The 173rd Fighter Wing, comprised of several groups and hosts a tenant unit, the 270th Air Traffic Control Squadron. These units are instrumental in accomplishing the 173rd Fighter Wing’s mission, training the most superior air-to-air combat pilots in the world.Much More is happening in Klamath County.

Outdoor recreation is a major contributor to the Klamath Basin’s quality of life and tourism appeal.Tree-lined lakes, rivers, marshes, trails and mountain peaks provide an array of activities such as sailing, rowing, cross-country skiing, renowned bird watching, ice skating, cycling, hiking, whitewater rafting,world-class fishing, and hunting.

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